5 Axis CNC Milling Machine Machining Center

FLLS 5-Axis 5 simultaneous cnc milling machine machining center equipment manufacturer, we can also customize according to your requirements.
FLLS 5 axis cnc milling machine machining center is widely used in aerospace, information and communication, automobile mold, medical instruments, machinery manufacturing and parts processing and other industries.

Worktable disc dimension: Φ250mm/Φ420mm/ Φ630mm/Φ800mm
Max rotational diameter: Φ400mm/Φ540mm/Φ800mm/Φ1050mm


FLLS 5-axis cnc machining center is a 5-axis 5-simultaneous working method. The linearity of any 5 coordinate axes of X, Y, Z, AC can be processed simultaneously. The 5-axis CNC machining center is a CNC machine tools with high technology, high content and high precision are specially used for processing complex curved surfaces. At the same time, they are the only way to solve the processing of impellers, blades, marine propellers, heavy-duty generator rotors, steam turbine rotors, and large diesel engine crankshafts.

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Best in class components:

1. Spindle: Taiwan Royal/Cells/Germany INNA

2. Control system: Fanuc/Heidenhain/Siemens/Syntec/Lynuc (Optional)

3. Screw rail: Taiwan HIWIN/PMI

4. Bearing: FAG/NSK

5. Machine tool castings: HT300, which enables the machine tool to obtain high rigidity and stable precision;

6. Cradle Rotary Table: Choose the well-known brand Taiwan Parkson Cradle Rotary Table.

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1. Double Y-axis and double-drive structure: high precision and good stability, especially the verticality accuracy under heavy cutting;

2. Axis accuracy: the accuracy of the inclined axis reaches 25", and the accuracy of the rotating axis reaches 10" (the accuracy of the inclined axis and the rotating axis directly affects the spatial dimension accuracy of the processed parts);

3. High precision: positioning <4μm, repeat positioning <3μm (full stroke VDI standard);

4. Spindle taper: BT40 12000rpm standard (optional);

5. Tool magazine: ATC 24 units tools (Optional);

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If the table display is incomplete, swipe left and right to view the table.

Worktable disc dimensionΦ250mmΦ420mmΦ630mmΦ800mm
Max rotational diameterΦ400mmΦ540mmΦ900mmΦ1050mm
A axis rotation range+20°/-120°+20°/-120°+20°/-120°+20°/-120°
C axis rotation range+360°/-360°+360°/-360°+360°/-360°+360°/-360°
A,C axis positioning accuracy45/15sec45/15sec10/10sec45/15sec
A,C axis repeat positioning accuracy8/6sec8/6sec4/4sec8/6sec
Max load (level)50kg200kg850kg1000kg
Max load (tilt)50Kg150Kg850Kg500kg
X/Y/Z axis max travel400/400/350mm500/500/400mm800/800/600mm1100/1100/650mm
Distance from spindle end face to table130-480mm130-530mm130-730mm130-780mm
Spindle taperBT40BT40BT40BT40
Max speed of spindle (standard)12000rpm12000rpm12000rpm12000rpm
Spindle drive mode (standard)direct-connection 12000direct-connection 12000direct-connection 12000direct-connection 12000
Feed rate10000mm/min10000mm/min10000mm/min10000mm/min
Fast moving speed36/36/36m/min36/36/36m/min36/36/36m/min36/36/36m/min
Ball screw specifications4016401640164016
positioning accuracy±0.005/300mm±0.005/300mm±0.005/300mm±0.005/300mm
Repeated positioning accuracy±0.003/300mm±0.003/300mm±0.003/300mm±0.003/300mm
Tool magazine (optional)
Tool magazine capacity20242424
Tool diameter * length80X200mm80*200mm80*200mm80*200mm
Tool weight8kg8kg8kg8kg
Shank specificationBT40BT40BT40BT40
Servo motor
Spindle motor7.5/11kw11/15kw11/15kw11/15kw
X/Y/Z Axis motor2.0/2.0/3.0kw3.0/3.0/3.0kw3.0/3.0/3.0kw3.0/3.0/3.0kw
Cooling motor0.49kw0.49kw0.49kw0.49kw
General specification
Air supply requirements8KG8KG8KG8KG
Power capacity20KVA30KVA50KVA60KVA
Dimensions (L * W * H)2.5*2.6*2.6m3*2.8*2.8m4.5*3.6*3.4m4.8*4.2*3.6m


FLLS 5 axis cnc milling machine machining center is widely used in aerospace, information and communication, automobile mold, medical instruments, machinery manufacturing and parts processing and other industries.


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