Horizontal CNC Milling Machine Machining Center

Horizontal / hmc 4-axis cnc milling machine machining center equipment (optional: 5-axis horizontal machining center) manufacturer, we can also customize according to your requirements.
FLLS horizontal cnc milling machine machining center is widely used in aerospace, information and communication, automotive molds, medical equipment, machinery manufacturing and parts processing industries.

Worktable dimension:   500*500 / 630*630 / 800*800mm
X/Y/Z Axis:  700*600*600 / 1000*850*900 / 1400*1000*1000mm


The FLLS horizontal cnc milling machine machining center has a high-speed, high-precision, high-reliability structure, and has the best high-rigidity, high-power, high-torque, heavy-cutting features among similar equipment, and can give full play to high production and high-precision machining performance. Powerful cutting power combined with excellent accuracy and performance makes milling and boring operations simple and easy.


FLLS horizontal cnc milling machine machining center - one-piece bed structure, high rigidity; high rigidity, large diameter spindle, large spindle output torque; the two-axis screw has pre-stretching, which can eliminate transmission backlash and pre-compensate for errors caused by temperature rise , to ensure the machining accuracy of the parts; high fast traverse speed and high positioning accuracy.

  1. The automatic lubrication system of the machine concentrates oil supply, and provides timely and appropriate amount of oil for each lubrication point in a timed, quantitative, constant pressure and individual manner to ensure that each lubrication position gets lubricating oil at the right time, so that the machine can run for a long time;


2. The base adopts the popular "T" type layout, the overall structure has high rigidity, and the whole stroke does not generate subversion moment;

3. The base casting is processed with high-precision five-sided gantry, and the five-sided milling, drilling and tapping can be completed in one clamping, which reduces the clamping error and improves the machining accuracy;

4. The lead screw adopts a set of contact ball bearings, double support and pre-stretching to ensure the transmission accuracy;

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5. Adopt high-frequency sintering sliding rails or heavy-duty high-precision roller rails, which can withstand heavy load cutting and have good shock absorption;

6. Adopt Taiwan high-precision spindle with spindle air curtain protection device to ensure high precision and stability of the spindle and long service life.



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ItemUnitNumerical valueNumerical valueNumerical value
Worktable dimensionmm500*500630*630800*800
Number of workstations
Worktable rotation°1°*3601°*3601°*360
Max loadkg60012002000
X/Y/Z axis travelmm700*600*6001000*850*9001400*1000*1000
Distance from spindle center to worktable surfacemm100-70090-940110-1110
Distance from spindle end face to worktable centermm80-680140-1040190-1190
Taper specifications (model/mounting size)
Max spindle speedrpm1000060006000
B axis positioning accuracysec101010
B axis repeat positioning accuracysec444
3-Axis cutting feed ratemm/min10-1000010-1000010-10000
3-Axis fast moving X/Y/Zm/min30/30/3024/24/2424/24/24
Positional accuracymm±0.005/300±0.005/300±0.005/300
Repeated positioning accuracymm±0.003/300±0.003/300±0.003/300
Spindle drive motorkw11/1515/18.518.5/22
X/Y/Z drive motornm3/3/33/3/37/7/7
Tool magazine capacity (optional)Bundle24/32/4024/30/4024/30/40
Dimensions (L * W * H)mm3000/3000/32003300/3300/32004000/3300/3300


FLLS horizontal cnc milling machine machining center is widely used in aerospace, information and communication, automotive molds, medical equipment, machinery manufacturing and parts processing industries.


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